Our Family Story

I am Teri

Welcome to Shiloh’s of Broken Arrow! I am Teri the owner, a fifth generation restaurant owner.
Both sets of my great-great grandparents, William and Sarah Herrmann and Marshal and Emma Rodgers were in the Oklahoma Land Run and settled around the Cushing area. Because of the hard work of the day and no TV for entertainment, they had a BUNCH of kids on both sides. We have more cousins than we can count.
My mother and I both have wonderful loving memories of our grandmothers Gladys Herrmann and Lela Rodgers. They were tough, hard-working, loving, full of faith and known for their abilities to cook wonderful, homemade country food.

Grandma Ethel (Grandma Gladys’ daughter) was a very, loved woman who inherited her Mother’s cooking abilities. She had a love of the mountains that couldn’t be quenched. In 1959 she went to visit the town of Glenn Haven, Colorado (close to Estes Park). She fell in love with Colorado and called my Grandpa (a furniture store owner in Cushing). She gave him the choice of whether to come to Colorado or to stay in Cushing. She had made up her mind to move to Colorado.
We lead a unique life of owning and managing different resorts/restaurants all over Colorado. While Grandma worked the restaurant, Grandpa ran horse rides, hunting parties, and jeep tours. In off-seasons, Grandpa took his family on horseback or by jeep on adventures off the beaten path. Many times we would cry “Grandpa please! Just let us out and we will walk”. We have many heartwarming and funny stories to tell. If you see Grandma Pam walking around, she is quite the story teller. In a pinch, Teri will do. We would not trade our unique memories for anything.
In 1982 Grandma Ethel retired and the family moved back to Oklahoma. She needed to be closer to Grandma Gladys, the matriarch of our family. Restaurant work was forever in Grandma Ethel’s blood. She and my Aunt Fern opened a small breakfast and lunch diner. The diner, “Granny’s Country Kitchen” was on Route 66 in Chandler. It was small enough for just the family to run. After people tasted our homemade food, the business took off like gang busters. Grandma and Aunt Fern would get so tired they would nap using a roll of paper towels for a pillow between the rushes. They retired in 1996 and sold the diner.
My brother Eric begged Mother and I to open a restaurant in Tulsa. He wanted us to use the family’s recipes. He was killed in a car accident in 1998. A year later, Mother was led to honor Eric’s wish. Mother and I opened the original Shiloh’s in the year 2000 under the strict supervision of my grandparents Kenneth and Ethel Rodgers.
My grandparents celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary with us at Shiloh’s of BA on March 6th, 2010. Our family sat at the front of the restaurant to honor them. We served them a huge platter of king crab legs. What a wonderful celebration! We didn’t know it would be our last to host. My Grandma went to be with our Lord March 24, 2010 and Grandpa died of a broken heart June 2, 2010.
What a wonderful roller coaster ride we’ve been on. We thank God for our rich heritage, our local customers and our long term hard working employees that make Shiloh’s possible. You are all like our family.
Many of you have asked how we chose the name Shiloh’s. Grandpa Kenneth loved to study the Bible. In Genesis 49:10 when Jacob was on his death bed blessing his 12 sons which became the 12 tribes of Israel, he said to his son Judah (the tribe Jesus came from), “There will always be a king on your throne until Shiloh comes.” There was always a king in Israel until Jesus came and there has not been one since. He is the eternal king soon to return! Shiloh is also the root word for shalom (peace) and Jesus is the prince of peace. We pray you know His peace through our Savior Jesus Christ.